Rotleibel de Rorschwihr Pinot Gris VT
1996 Pinot Gris


Vineyard: Rotleibel de Rorschwihr
Soil Type: Marly-limy
Vine Age:
Irrigation: No irrigation
Harvest Date:


The vineyard's name Rotleibel means red soil and covers over 17ha in Rorschwihr. The soil type for this vineyard is Marly-limy. The terroir consists of thick deposits of marl and calcareous pebbles more or less cemented together and they form a rock called conglomerate. These stones and rocks debris came from the edge of the subsiding Rhine Graben during the tertiary, 30 to 40 million years ago. The pebbles are limestones torn out from the relief in the hinterland, here from the white oolitic Jurassic limestone. These pebbles have been rounded down by the mountain streams, then coated and cemented in place by the marl where they were deposited. These terroirs are particularly rich in calcium which can be assimilated to the plants, the clay elements help to fix other fertilizing elements.
The soil is deep and has an average water retention, it is calcium and magnesium rich. This is one of the most frequent terroir in Alsace and one of the best ones.
The terroir gives a powerful structure, richness, spicy aromas and long life to its wines. It is particularly suitable for Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sylvanner and Gerwurztraminer.
Wines from the Rotleibel vineyards should see their first bottles opened from 5 to 12 years of age depending. The terroir will impair smoky, toast and quince aromas with
intense, ample and rich flavors.
The grapes were harvested at optimum ripeness, when the pip has a brownish color. The fruits are pressed and taken to the fermentation tank where fermentation will take place on its own with indigenous yeas, fermentation will stop on its own, then the wine is left to settle and bottled within 11 months from harvest.
This is the current release for this wine.

Tasting Notes:

Color: subtle yellow
Nose: White flowers, citrucy and bright.
Palate: Rich, fresh and lively, some dried apricots and lemon curd flavors with a great acid balance and a long finish. Very elegant and delicate.
Other: Despite its age this is a very fresh and young wines with an exceptional aging potential. A perfect match for a foie gras or fowl. Relatively high residual sugar however the exceptional acidity makes that this wine is very well balanced and fresh on the palate.

Chemical Analysis:

Alc (%): 12
RS (g/l): 272
TA (g/l):