Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru
2011 Chenin Blanc


Vineyard: On a south facing slope, well protected from the winds, close to the Layon river.
Soil Type: Clayey-Schist with pebbles.
Vine Age: Over 30 years old.
Irrigation: No irrigation
Harvest Date:
Yield: Less than 25hl/ha


'Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru' is the new apellation for 'Coteaux du Layon Quarts de Chaume', the appellation's name changed with the 2011 vintage. The production methods stay the same.
The vineyard is cultivated with grass between each row. In July the leaves that are north facing on the vines are cleared, in order to bring balance to the vines a green harvest is carried out throughout the vineyard. To obtain adequate ripening and healthy grapes south facing leaves are cleared in September. During harvest the focus is on obtaining optimum ripeness of the fruits which are affected by noble rot and passerillage. Harvest is done by hand over several pickings. The grapes are first sorted in the vineyard, where only the best quality fruits and perfectly ripe grapes are used.
Fermentaion is slow and controlled throughout followed by a period of barrel maturation.
As per appellation's rule the wine is aged until at least the 15 of April following the harvest.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Deep gold.
Nose: Maturity and complexity mark this great wine. Pâte de fruit and orange peel meddled with the exceptional aromas of mixed violet and lily of the valley.
Palate: It is bold and fresh, unctuous with an exceptional length, acidity and structure.
Other: A rare wine that may be aged for many decades, it also keeps very well in the fridge once opened. Serve chilled with lobster, fried foie gras on brioche, Bresse hen, duck, Roquefort cheese, or any cake with pears and almonds.

Chemical Analysis:

Alc (%): 12
RS (g/l): 196
TA (g/l):