Six Hats Chenin Blanc Fedora
2017 Chenin Blanc


Vineyard: Bush vines from the Piekenierskloof area.
Soil Type: Koffieklip and sandy loam soils.
Vine Age: Bsuh vines planted in the 1950's.
Irrigation: Drip Method
Harvest Date: Mid to end of February.
Yield: 3 t/ha.


Nestled in the Citrusdal Mountains, some 50 kilometers north of Swartland, is the magnificent Piekenierskloof plateau, which provides the perfect natural environment for vineyards to thrive. At 750 meters above sea level, the plateau’s climate is characterized by warm days and cool nights, which allow grapes to slowly ripen and develop complex fruity flavors. Ungrafted bush vines planted in the 1950’s are still used in the production of this Fairtrade wine.
six principles form the core of the Six Hats philosophy,
"Partnership, Potential, Change, Equity, Dignity and Sustainability".
Six Hats seeks to produce wines that will contribute to the lives of
the people whose hard work is expressed in each bottle. There are
minimum prices set for grapes and an additional percentage of the
sales are given back to the community who uses the money to build
schools, clinics and other projects to improve their lives.
Grapes were handpicked very early in the morning allowing the fruit to retain their natural flavor. Only the free run juice was used, allowed to settle, inoculated with selected yeast strains and fermented under controlled conditions at 14-16 °Centigrade.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Clear, light straw.
Nose: Ripe tropical fruits with hints of lime.
Palate: Notes of papaya, summery hints of juicy melon and lime. It is unctuous with pleasing tropical notes of mango and a crisp, refreshing finish.
Other: Exceptional with shellfish, eggplant dishes, leeks or peppers, it will also go well with salads served with a light vinaigrette or tangy mayonnaise. It will also pair well with Oysters or asparagus with hollandaise and goat milk cheese.

Chemical Analysis:

Alc (%): 14.1
RS (g/l): 2.4
TA (g/l): 5.9
pH: 3.2