Chateau de Flaugergues

Château de Flaugergues, a splendid ‘folly’ from the XVIII century is property of the Count and the Countess Henri de Colbert. The estate is located near Montpellier, the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France.
The property is both a wine estate and a tourist attraction. The manor house is a national monument and has been in the same family since its creation in 1696.
Built at the end of the XVII century, Flaugergues is one of the so-called 'Follies', exquisite houses built in the countryside around Montpellier. Lavishly adorned estates displayed the wealth of the new aristocracy from the area. 'Folies' were the result of a new order of aristocracy, whose wealth came from their service to the King, such as political advisors and notaries.
In the XVIII century, ‘folies’ became the summer residences of the rich and famous from the wider Montpellier, where flamboyant parties were held at these richly adorned estates which became the desired playground for the local high society circles.
In 1696 Etienne de Flaugergues, an adviser to the court of Counts of Montpellier, bought the estate to which he gave it his name. Over the next 45 years he expanded and embellished the estate, giving it its most distinctive particularities, with its remarkable architecture and interior as well its meticulously designed garden. Château de Flaugergues became a model for numerous other similar estates in the region. The Court Advisors built these luxurious second homes so that they could live in the comfort and space that the countryside offered, while being close to the city.
Handed down from generation to generation, Flaugergues today illustrates the lavish way of life for the Montpellier aristocracy of that period.
Château de Flaugergues is situated in one of the twelve specific terroirs found in the Côteaux du Languedoc region.
Over 2000 years ago, already the Romans produced olives and wines in the area, then the monks of Grand Mont took over and maintained the tradition, from 1696 tradition was preserved and passed on from one generation to the next.
This exceptional terroir is characterized by its soil, made of round alluvial pebbles called 'les Grés', originating from deposits from the Rhone delta, combined with the Mediterranean climate marked with a strong maritime influence.
The 30 Ha (75 acre) vineyards consistently show early ripening and it is the harmonious combination of the various estate fruits that enable the creation of a wide array of fine wines.
The red grape varieties consist of Grenache Noir, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cinsault, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The white grapes range from Grenache Blanc to Marsanne, Roussanne, Rolle and Viognier.

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