La Vinya del Vuit

La Vinya del Vuit was founded in 2001 by a group of eight friends; Sara Perez , Rene Barbier, Ester Nin, Nuria Perez, Montse Mateos, Iban Foix, Julien and Philippe Thévenon Basté.
René Barbier Jnr and Sara Perez are the oenologists for La Vinya del Vuit. Sara Perez is considered by many to be the most important female winemaker in Spain. She is also a wine consultant, the oenologist at Mas Martinet and Venus la Universal with her husband René Barbier Jnr. Rene Barbier Jnr is the son of the legendary Priorat pioneer René Barbier from Clos Mogador and makes Espectacle and is also involved with Clos Mogador and Venus la Universal.
The aim of the project was to revive 4.5ha of old vineyards near the towns Vilella Baixa and the Gratallops, located in the heart of Priorat.
Vinya del Vuit produces wines from ancient restored vineyards. The Carignan vineyard is over 100 years old and the Grenache is over 70. Vines struggle to survive in Priorat with a harsh landscape featuring nutrient-poor granitic soils, high altitudes, hot days and cold nights, terraced vineyards that must be worked by hand producing very little fruit. This is what makes Priorat wines so unique and terroir specific.
The land is managed organically with the help of a mule and the wine is vinified at Clos Mogador Cellar. Production methods are artisanal, the vineyards old and the wine is made by young, dynamic and talented people.
Vinya del Vuit produces a minute 1900 to 2000 bottles per vintage and is defined as an 'art' wine because of its connection to viticulture, history and packaging.
Since its creation, Vinya del Vuit takes a new look with every vintage. The labels range is diverse, creative and even controversial at times. The packaging is an attempt to depict current concerns by the eight; although the labels may seem contradictory they should keep a certain overall logic. The labels always revolve around the number ‘8’ and it is the only invariable.
La Vinya del Vuit is a celebration of the art of wine-making and the power of the collaborative minds displayed through the label on the outside and the wines on the inside.