La Maison Penet

The Maison Penet is a family owned Champagne grower. A Champagne grower owns and maintains its vineyards, vinifies and releases its Champagnes under its own brand label.
Alexandre Penet heads the family estate and is the 5th generation. The property covers 6 hectares of vines located across the ‘Montagne de Reims’ in the villages of Verzy and Verzenay, the area is particularly known for its Pinot Noirs and exceptional Grands Crus.
The 400 years of family heritage and knowledge passed on from one generation to the next has allowed Penet-Chardonnet to create unique styles of Champagnes focusing on the expression from the terroir as opposed to creating Champagnes that are blended for consistency year on year. Added to this, with crafting exceptional quality base wine, Penet-Chardonnet has become one of the best producers of zero dosage or very low dosage Champagnes, while combining a high degree of authenticity and uniqueness.
La Maison Penet lavish label designs are to express the refinement that is found inside its bottles. The Maison Penet has two brand labels with the Alexandre Penet and the Penet-Chardonnet range.