Clos Mogador

Clos Mogador is a winery found in the village of Gratallops. It was founded in 1982, and is owned by René Barbier, one of the Priorat´s Renaissance pioneers. These pioneers came in the late 70's and introduced French varietals and modern winemaking techniques. This led to the production of rare and exceptional wines, resulting in promoting Priorat to a DOC, the highest wine category in Spain.

Clos Mogador winery covers 13 hectares. Six hectares are made of 80 years old Cariñena, two hectares of 6 years old Cabernet-Sauvignon, three hectares of 6 years old Garnacha and 2 ha of 6 year old are Syrah.

The cellar produces 1000 cases of Manyetes wine on a 10 ha surface. It is very difficult to produce more quantities of Manyetes wine due to the quality of the soil. The vineyards of Clos Mogador grow in one of the poorest schist soils, Licorella, of the Priorat DOC.

In September 2009 the DOQ Priorat has approved a new categorization 'Vi de la Vila', Village Wine. The region is aiming to achieve a closer definition of its wines through the creation of twelve sub-areas in the Priorat appellation. It is an effort to reinforce the links of the wines with their territory of origin. Under this arrangement, wine producers in the Priorat, will be permitted to include on their labels the provenance by sub-area of the grapes used in the production of the wine, reinforcing the identity of individual villages with the wines they produce. In order to determine these sub-areas, geographical, environmental, climatic, social, historical and economic variables have been taken into account so that the roots of each emerge with a village specific stamp. In this way, the wine is identified with the social realities of the sub-areas of the DOQ Priorat which goes beyond the existing administrative boundaries.
The sub-areas are:
- Subzona Vila de Bellmunt
- Subzona Vila d'Escaladei
- Subzona Vila de Gratallops
- Subzona Vila de el Lloar
- Subzona Vila de la Morera de Montsant
- Subzona Vila de Pobleda
- Subzona Vila de Porrera
From the 2007 vintage Manyetes will bear the sub-area label Vila de Gratallops.

A very interesting fact about the Clos Mogador wines is that the grapes are pressed in an olive press. The reason being that an olive press only extracts half the quantity that a normal wine press will produce. The wine is therefore highly concentrated; especially since Priorat wines are by essence highly concentrated.
On the Manyestes capsules a plume and ink seal is a reference to Rene's first passion from a young age, that is poetry, wine is also poetry for him and this seal is also found on the Clos Mogador capsules.