Green Eyes

Love Over Money is a collection of wines from different areas and countries that were selected by Boutique Wine Collection for their exceptional quality and value.
The brand was developed to offer customers a product they know they can trust for its quality and exceptional value. Love Over Money is to display the authenticity of a wine, region and varietal, a true reflection of the origin while being uncomplicated. Boutique Wine Collection works closely with each producer, whom have been selected for their high standard and strong track record to offer wines that are representative of where they come from and are value orientated.
Love Over Money is to experiment with wines that often are perceived as alternative or different, while being assured that what is inside the bottle can be trusted.
The labels are colorful and add fun to the appreciation of the wine.
Green Eyes is a special selection from Austria using the indigenous Gruner Veltliner varietal from this country.
Green Eyes comes from the Kremstal region and the appellation is Niederösterreich, in Rohrendorf,on the Eastern side of the Danube in Lower Austria (Niederösterreich). The area is characterized by rich, deep loess soils.
Gruner Veltliner and Riesling are the main grape varietal in the area and Krems, Senftenberg, Rohrendorf, Gedersdorf, Furth are the leading viticultural towns.
Wines from the area surrounding Rohrendorf have a completely different soil structure from the other parts of Kremstal with deep loess terraces. This not only adds a certain appeal to the landscape, it also produces a softer, more opulent style of Gruner Veltliner.