Six Hats

Citrusdal is a small agricultural town, approximately 170km
from Cape Town. It is the Western Cape Province’s leading
producer of citrus fruits, from where it derives its name. The
town has just over 5000 residents, most of who work directly in
the agricultural sector. Citrusdal is often referred to as the
gateway to the Cederberg and the floral splendor of the
Namaqualand region.
The Citrusdal Wines cellar is in the heart of the town and was
initially amalgamated as a co-operative in 1957. In 2007 the
operation was re-structured under the guidance of Charles
Back. The company is now a collaborative partnership
including a number of Fairtrade farmers, Charles Back and
Mike Paul, who is a leading UK wine marketer. The
incorporation of the Fairtrade farmers has indirectly seen a
large number of farm workers from the community becoming
partners in the business, as the funds generated through the
Fairtrade levies go directly into the community.
Fairtrade (known in the USA as Fair Trade) is a system of
product certification and regulation that aims to ensure that
workers throughout the chain of production receive fair
treatment with respect to wages, working conditions and
participation. Faitrade operates through a range of stringent
controls and requirements, resulting in certification for the
producer or processor.
"Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions,
local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and
workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to
pay sustainable prices (which must never fall lower than the
market price), Fairtrade addresses the injustices of
conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against
the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve
their position and have more control over their lives. "
Fairtrade vision: ‘Fairtrade’s vision is for a world in which all
producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfill
their potential and decide on their future.
Our aspiration is to transform global trade by promoting fairer
trading conditions. To achieve this, Fairtrade will be positioned
as the guiding light for sustainable development, touching
more lives more deeply than any other ethical certification

Citrusdal Wines and therefore 6 Hats has currently 4 Fair
Trade Farms involved; Bergendal Boerdery, Paardekop
Boerdery, Rheeboksfontain and Saamstan Vineyards. Each
farm has its own projects running depending on specific
needs. Bergendal Boerdery for example, has so far completed
the following projects: the building of a community hall,
equipping the farm crèche and pre-school, purchasing sport
equipment for the community, improving the housing on the
farm as well as providing education bursaries and school fees
for further education. This was achieved through utilizing the
premiums from the Fair Trade wine grape production.

To find out more about Fairtrade visit www.

The Six Hats range of Fairtrade wines was launched in 2009
and is one of a small, but growing range of South African
Fairtrade Wines in the market. The Six Hats brand is built
around a concept that seeks to highlight the various roles and
responsibilities that are assumed by all parties involved in
progressive and equitable wine farming. The six 'hats' are worn
by both the farmer and the community and the results of these
positive collaborations are borne out in the successes that
have been seen on the farms to date.
The various roles have been summarized and are represented
on the label by six elegantly illustrated hats. The Six Hats
principles that have been identified are PARTNERSHIP,
The wines in the Six Hats Fair Trade range are single varietals
and are produced in a fresh, fruit-forward style that is
characteristic of the region. The dedicated Fairtrade farmers
provide the grapes from their carefully managed vineyards. Six
Hats' viticulturalist works closely with the farmers through the
growing season to ensure that the fruit produced is of the
highest quality allowing the winemaker to craft wines with full
flavor and rewarding character.
2012 is a transition phase for all Fairtrade certified products in
the USA where the Fairtrade logo that is used in all other
countries will now be accepted in the USA. From 2012 Six Hats
will be using the internationally recognized Fairtrade logo for
Fairtrade products certified outside the USA.

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