Love Over Money is a collection of wines from different areas and countries that were selected by Boutique Wine Collection for their exceptional quality and value.
The brand was developed to offer customers a product they know they can trust for its quality and value. Love Over Money is to display the authenticity of a wine, region and varietal, a true reflection of the origin while being uncomplicated. Boutique Wine Collection works closely with each producer, whom have been selected for their high standard and strong track record to offer wines that are representative of where they come from and are value orientated.
Love Over Money is to experiment with wines that often are perceived as alternative or different, while being assured that what is inside the bottle can be trusted.
The labels are colorful and add fun to the appreciation of the wine.

Basca is a Cava from the Penedes region in Cataluña, this is where cava finds its origins. The name of Cava comes from the Catalan word ‘cave’ for cellar.
The creation of Cava is associated with the growth of the Catalan wine production during the mid-1800’s and the growth in popularity of Champagne at the end of the 19th century. The fermentation process that Louis Pasteur developed was adopted as part of the second fermentation in the bottle, during the same period it was discovered that cork preserved the bubbles, all the ingredients were at hand to make and preserve sparkling wines.
In the late 1800’s in Cataluña a few wine farmers started experimenting with making wines in the same way as in Champagne using the locally grown white grapes. In 1872 Josep Raventós Fatjó of the Codorníu estate in the village of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia is said to be the first to produce wine made using the Champagne method in Cataluña. The traditional grapes used to make Cava are Xarello, Macabeo and Parellada.
Cava is well established in Spain from the 1920’s, then consumption and production grows to a greater scale in the 60’s, however Cava was then consumed solely in Spain, nowadays 200 million bottles of Cava are produced every year and Cava is sold all over the world.
Cataluña is one of the oldest wine producing regions in Europe. Vilafranca del Penedes is the capital of the region where the Denominacio d' Origen Penedes is centered. The soil in the Penedes is mostly limestone and the mild climate along the Mediterranean coast create ideal conditions for viticulture.